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HyperCampaigns – your integrated tool for automated online and social media ads.

We understand your problems


Wasted time

Is it taking you too much time to create online ads for different regions?


Fragile partnerships

Do you want to become irreplaceable for your existing business partners and gain new ones?


Double the work

Are you annoyed that you have to constantly enter the same ad content in different portals?


Ineffective marketing

Are your marketing campaigns unsuccessful and are you finding it difficult to reach out to new customers online?

Erfahren Sie, wie Team Beverage Hyper Campaigns zur Verwaltung von Anzeigen einsetzt.

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With HyperCampaigns regional and target group-specific online ads can be placed effectively and automatically as part of your digital campaigns.


Reduce workload

without manual, time-consuming ad bookings and with high scaling.


Increase sales

with efficient online marketing campaigns and low costs.


Simplify handling

with integration in your system and without new tools.

Check out the benefits of automated online marketing.
It takes just under 2 minutes.

“It’s such an innovative idea. By managing our online ads in one central location, we can promote specific offers and display ads in relevant local areas. This makes social media and online marketing another pillar in the digital development of our business.”

Nicolas Sonnenberg
Head of back office retail, Team Beverage

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Case Study

Reaching new target markets on a low budget

Over 1 million impressions for under $ 1,200

The wholesaler “Team Beverage”, the leading service provider for the beverage industry in Germany, places regional online ads for the offers in their beverage stores throughout Germany.

Campaign data


Stores/ ads


6 days














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